Automatic Transfer Switch

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The function of an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is to switch the power source from the shoreline cord to the generator without any intervention from the RV owner.

Usually associated with the use of the ATS is the convenience of a new  Exterior Power Inlet to which the shoreline power cord can be connected.  This allows the convenience of having your shoreline power cord all rolled up and stored in whatever location or manner you wish such as shown on this Jack Handle and Shoreline Power Cord Storage mod.

There are several choices about where to install the ATS.  Check out the "Alternate" sections or the idea of just a "Manual Transfer Switch".

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Parallax Product Manuals

  • Parallax ATS Product Brochure (PDF)
  • Parallax ATS30 Owner's Manual (PDF)

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    Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Installation

    Dated: July 29, 2001
    If no shoreline power is connected to the system and the generator is started, at approximately 10-12 seconds the ATS will automatically connect the generator and provide power.  If the generator is running and shoreline power is connected, the ATS will automatically disconnect the generator and connect the shoreline power.  If nothing is powered up and shoreline power is connected, the ATS provides direct power to the main panel with no delay.

    The installation required about 4 hours of actual work time (excluding overnight drying time for glue used on the hole reinforcements and no part selection/review and related ordering time).  The installation was not complicated for someone with average tinkering skills.  The connections required for the electrical components are very clearly marked and therefore not complicated and no guess work is required.  The rear trunk door was easily removed (12 screws) which aided in access to this relatively tight area.

    Major components used are shown in the files section with stock numbers and prices.  Miscellaneous items included 4 @ 1.25" #8 stainless steel screws, 12 feet of the solid copper 10-2 WG electrical wire, 2.5 feet of 3/4" plastic wire housing and 6 nos.  3/4" metal/box connectors for housing, screws used to fasten ATS to the plastic trunk, and wire nuts.  If anyone has interest or questions, few free to ask specifics.  I anticipate the photos illustrate the task in adequate detail so a step-by-step explanation is not required.  The system works GREAT! I'm looking forward to the extra storage area and to "NEVER" hassle with the shoreline cord again!

    2002 QD

    The ATS30 is the 30 amp switch for stand-alone (remote) installation, Magnetek also produces the same switch (part number ATS) but it attaches directly to the back of the power panel already installed in the Rialta (at least this is the case for the 2002 QD, not sure about all the versions of Rialtas).

    In reviewing the details of these switches with Magnetek tech support (which is very good by the way, 800-443-4859.  I also spoke with Winnie tech support in confirmation of the proposed system), I decided to utilize the ATS30 (not sure if there would be adequate working space between the power panel and the wheel well if the ATS was used) and install it in the rear trunk area near to the genset power outlet.

    The cost is around $70.  There were a few different switches from other companies for less money, such as Trans Tech for $50, but they never answered their phone and it was nearly impossible to get any detailed information on their switches.

    Part of the reason of going this route is our style of travel.  We are generally on the move.  In over 13,000 miles since we bought the vehicle March'01 we have only stayed at one campground for more than one night (that was at Disney World's Wilderness Park).  So in the 40- 50 days on the road so far, I have done the plug and unplug and fishing with the cord through the bottom plenty of times.  This setup will hopefully take care of that event.  In Chris's case, where is generally doing lots of daily running and using the genset pretty much exclusively, this system mentioned above is pretty useless, so I definitely agree with him.


    I agree the Winnebago design for the shore cable could be better, but maybe that's their way of saving us some money, yeah right.  Some have installed manual switches and some, me for one, have installed an automatic transfer switch.  Ken Korn got me started on my installation.  The auto switch works this way: detach the shore cord, take that shore cord and plug it into an external plug installed on back on Rialta and into a outlet and your done, now the Rialta has power.  Or Start the genset and the auto switch realizes that the genset is running and it switches over to the genset and now the Rialta has power from the genset even if you are still connected to shore power.

    Installation takes a little doing but it works very well and was the first major modification I did and the one I would not be without.  I also rerouted the TV cable to the outside.  Both are located outside to the left of the storage locker door.

    If you are interested in more info email me and will help with pictures and a drawing as to how I installed the parts.  Come to think of it Dick Davidson took some good pictures and has a copy of my installation notes.  He might be able to email them.  I don't have soft copy of any pictures.  Hope this helps.  I can now hook up with power and TV cable and have the storage door completely closed, and water tight for the next Noah Rally.

    '02 FD Twin

    The following photos show the general concepts of installing the Automatic Transfer Switch in which the Exterior Power Inlet work has already been performed.

    View of the rear compartment prior to modification.  The steel rack used to hold the shore power cord is removed and the shore-power cord itself is removed. Original cord was disconnected at the breaker box and used to pull a new 10-2 WG wire from panel to ATS.  This allowed the shoreline power cord to be used to connect to the exterior power inlet. ATS and all wires connected.  10-2 WG is run from the inlet to the same hole where the main load 10-2 WG from the main panel enters the plastic trunk.


    Close up of cover on the ATS30 installed on the wall of the rear compartment. Completed system connected to shoreline power through the exterior power inlet.


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    Alternate ATS Installation

    This modification is identical to the above except all components were located adjacent to the existing Magnatex Converter / Fuse box.  This leaves the rear compartment totally clear of all power related equipment.  This mod was performed on a model FD Rialta.

    I did an alternative installation of the Magnatek ATS.

    I removed the generator box and receptacle from the trunk and pulled the cable back into the coach.  I also followed the shore power cable back to it's box in the coach, removed the box, and disconnected the cable.  Those two 10/3 factory wiring cables were connected into the ATS using the original blue plastic connectors.

    The new Marinco hardware was installed as previously done by others, but I ran the new 10/3 cable from the Marinco Inlet Box back into the coach to the ATS located on the generator housing/box.

    The trunk now is completely clean with the generator receptacle and shore power cable hanger/bracket removed.

    Ken Korn
    '99 FD Twin
    Austin, TX


    Click to view full size image


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    Another Alternate Installation

    This installation done on a model QD was similar to the above alternate installation except that the Exterior Power Inlet was installed on the side of the vehicle right above the generator.  No instructions or text was included, but the pictures should be self explanatory.

    Photos by Holly H. Towne
    Reston, VA

    Click to view full size image

    Click to view full size image

    Click to view full size image


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    Manual Transfer Switch

    A manual mode transfer switch sort of defeats the purpose of an automatic switch in that user intervention is required to switch from one source to the other.  However, the intervention is nothing more than the flip of a switch and depending upon where the switch is ultimately located, the user probably never has to leave the confines of the RV coach.  It also clears the rear compartment of most of the power equipment as shown in the photo below.

    There was no text or description furnished with these photos, but they are self-explanatory in showing another option for connection power to the Rialta.


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