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There are a multitude of different bicycle racks available.  You'll want one that utilizes a "hitch mount" system and avoid any that attach to the bumper.  If you plan on carrying a motor scooter, then look for one specifically designed for that purpose but be aware of the added weight that might severely impact your rear axle gross weight limit.

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I'm carrying a Vespa motor scooter on my Rialta using a Tilt-A-Rack carrier.  The carrier weighs about 75 pounds and the scooter weighs about 240, so the total is just over 300 pounds.  I've uploaded a picture of my unit to this folder.

I DO NOT recommend trying to carry any more weight than this.  When I have the scooter with, I make a real effort to minimize putting heavy things in the rear of the Rialta (in the trunk or under the bed of our FD twin).  I know from weighing the Rialta on a truck scale at Flying J, that we are right at the max loading for the rear.  Also the weight on the front tires IS reduced when carrying.  I can notice a small difference when driving but not enough to be a my humble make your own decision.  I also increase the air pressure in the tires and in the air springs for the rear.

Also the trailer hitch looks like a heavy duty one but it needed substantial reinforcement in order to support the extra weight.  On our '99 model the hitch is rated for 200 pounds, so I had a full service hitch store weld on reinforcing and additional mounting bolts to increase it to 350 pounds.  Just try standing on a bar plugged into the hitch and bouncing up and'll see that it flexes a lot without reinforcement.

All that said.....carrying a scooter like mine is not a big problem.  Carrying a full size motorcycle like yours is a NO-NO.

'99 FD Twin
'02 Vespa PX200E
also 3 BMW motorcycles that I would trailer
Austin, TX

Click on any image to view full size


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[ Entry Handrail ] [ Exterior Power Inlet ] [ Exterior Shower Drain ] [ Fuel Pump Jumpers ] [ Furnace Vent ]
[ Galley Faucet ] [ Generator Fuel Cutoff ] [ Granite Countertop ] [ Headboard ] [ Jack Handle Storage ]
[ LCD TV Conversion ] [ LED Bulbs ] [ Magnum Shooters ] [ Map Box ] [ Microwave Convection Oven ]
[ Propane Detector ] [ QD-H Conversion ] [ Rear Axle Stiffener ] [ Rear Couch Foam Roll ] [ Heat Control Label ]
[ Rear Seat Kick Panels ] [ Refrigerator DC Mode ] [ Refrigerator Conversion ] [ Roof Air 13,500 ] [ Roof Rack ]
[ Satellite Dish ] [ Sewer Dump Valve ] [ Sewer Hose Storage ] [ Shade Standoffs ] [ Shower Faucets ]
[ Shower Filter ] [ Simple Shoreline Conversion ] [ Skylight Panel ] [ Spare Tire Carrier ] [ Super Freezer ]
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